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Hotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / Drau
Stadt-Hotel Ertl Seit Jahrhunderten in Bewegung

Business guests

Business guests at Hotel Ertl

Our Business Rooms are adapted to your requirements and are equipped with a desk and wireless Internet access. The double rooms are also available for single usage. The restaurant is open from 16.00 to 24.00 (kitchen 16.00 to 23.00), and our cocktail bar until 02.00. During the warmer months, one can sit on the terrace that is sheltered from the wind and weather, or cool off in the swimming pool in the adjoining little park area.

Hotel Ertl Spittal SeminarThe only 4-star hotel in Spittal is located centrally in the town and by one of Austria's most beautiful train stations (wheelchair accessible). It is just a few minutes' walk to STRABAG, and the taxi stand is right on the doorstep.

Our family and staff are personally dedicated to ensuring your stay is as pleasant as possible.
Sunday is our day off. Keys can be picked up on arrival.

We also provide:

  • Free parking spaces right by the hotel, 2 garages
  • Seminar and conference rooms, copy service
  • Late check out
  • Room of choice for regular guests
  • Free wireless Internet access in the room and in the restaurant
  • Option to invite business guests and partners for breakfast (7.00 to 10.00)
  • On request early breakfast from 6.00
  • Deutsch (DE-CH-AT)
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • Italian

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