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Hotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / Drau
Stadt-Hotel Ertl Seit Jahrhunderten in Bewegung


On Tour

Located right by the Drau cycle path, our hotel is the ideal starting point for your leisure activities. We are happy to help you to plan tours, as we have cooperated for many years with various cycle tour specialists. To make sure you keep your energy levels up, we will provide you with a lunch packet to take with you.

Hotel Ertl SpittalIf your bike should suddenly let you down, no problem: just 100 metres from the hotel there is a cycle workshop.

In the evenings you can indulge yourself in our restaurant or on the relaxing terrace with spicy Mexican Tex-Mex dishes and traditional a la carte meals (kitchen 17.00 to 23.00). On hot days you can also cool off in the swimming pool in our small park area.

Your bikes are safe in the storage room, with lockable spaces. Of course a car parking space is available for the duration of your cycle tour.

Laundry service on request.

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