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Seit Jahrhunderten in Bewegung
Hotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / Drau
Stadt-Hotel Ertl Seit Jahrhunderten in Bewegung

Hotel Ertl

Established for centuries in Spittal – and always moving forwards

Hotel Ertl SpittalHotel Ertl enjoys a central location, but which is set slightly apart from the hustle and bustle of the town. Our establishment, which is being run dedicatedly by the fifth generation, is characterised by high standards of discreet and natural hospitality and a personal, friendly atmosphere.

Our 35 rooms of a 4-star standard have been newly refurbished and are comfortably and cosily furnished. When booking half board, we offer traditional meals and spicy Tex-Mex dishes in our hotel restaurant (kitchen open 16.00-23.00 - breakfast daily).

Hotel Ertl SpittalWe meet high culinary standards in our hotel restaurant, the unusual South American themed restaurant "Cantina Salud" with a cocktail bar, on the south side of which there is an adjoining terrace sheltered from the wind and weather, with an idyllic garden. In summer you can enjoy the last rays of sunshine here until late in the evening.

Most of the building is surrounded by a 5000m² park-like garden with a swimming pool – a place for our hotel guests to relax and retreat in the middle of the town.

Hotel Ertl SpittalWe offer a dog service and facilities for your four-legged friends.
There are plenty of parking spaces available right by the hotel.
Your bicycles and skis can be safely stored in our bicycle and ski room.

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