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Hotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / Drau
Stadt-Hotel Ertl Seit Jahrhunderten in Bewegung


1870-1872 The Ertl family is one of the oldest families in Spittal and used to own the plots of land where the train station now stands.
1870 ... these plots of land were sold to the railway company.
1870-1872 ... Josef Heinrich Ertl and his wife Elisabeth built an inn as a station restaurant, which was also the first building on Bahnhofstraße in Spittal.
1902 ... ownership was passed to Josef Anton Ertle and his wife Theresia. They had a trading barn for animals built opposite the house. Cattle brought to Spittal from the surrounding valleys for consignment were kept there, before being passed over to traders.
1908 ... when building of the Tauern stretch of railway from Spittal towards Mallnitz started, the inn was extended with a dining room, guest room, two bathrooms and a WC.
1928 ... Ida Ertl married the post master Ferdinand Krobath. Despite the poor economic conditions during these years, the family business kept running as such.
1944/45 ... the house was severely damaged in bomb attacks.
1947 ... running water and central heating were installed throughout the building. In addition, bathrooms were installed in some of the rooms.
1961 ... Sepp and Hildegard Krobath took over the hotel. The dining hall was renovated and the garden terrace added.
1967 The hotel now has a swimming pool.
1968-1976 ... the family invested in building a minigolf course and in cooking and freezing facilities. In addition, almost all the rooms were fitted with bathrooms, showers and WCs. The staff house was refurbished, the guest rooms and the hotel lobby renovated. Telephones were installed in all the rooms.
1976 ... it was decided to extend the dining room.
1987 Christian Krobath took over the management, with the support of his mother Hildegard.
1989 ... the staff lift was installed.
1992 ... the rooms were refurbished and the seminar room on the first floor was built.
2005 During the following years there were continuous refurbishments, additions and modernisations. A fire in 2005 destroyed the annex.
2006 ... Christian Krobath went into partnership with Charly Riesser and opened the Mexican themed restaurant 'Salud'. In addition, there were major refurbishments of the kitchen, bar, terrace and entrance area. The roof and the hotel façade were renovated. The outside area now has a whole new look.
2009 ... there was major restructuring work, whereby a number of guest rooms, corridors and halls were renovated.
2010/2011 ... the next investment: the rebuilding of the burnt-down annex.
2011 Building of the cycle and ski storage room.
2012/2013 The garden, the terrace and the swimming pool in the hotel park were refurbished.
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