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Hotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / DrauHotel Ertl - Spittal / Drau
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Rooms at Hotel Ertl

View of the mountains

Hotel Ertl ZimmerOur hotel has 35 rooms of a 4-star standard. Our Smart Room and somewhat larger Business Rooms have all been newly refurbished, have comfortable and cosy interiors and afford beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

The dining room (breakfast, dinner) for hotel guests, with 80 places, is on the ground floor. Directly adjoining it, you can enjoy the sunshine on the sheltered, relaxing terrace, with its small park, and swim a few rounds in the swimming pool. The breakfast buffet is served daily in the hotel restaurant.

Hotel Ertl ZimmerIt is possible to book airport transfers and organise shuttle services.
We offer a dog service and facilities for your four-legged companions.

Our family and staff are personally dedicated to tending to your requirements and ensuring your stay is as pleasant as possible.


Room facilities:


  • Hotel rooms with WC and shower/bath
  • Free wireless Internet access
  • Satellite TV, flatscreen
  • Safe, telephone wake-up facility
  • Non-smoking rooms


Additional services for business guests:

  • Double rooms available for single usage
  • Early breakfast on request
  • Option to invite business guests for breakfast
  • Deutsch (DE-CH-AT)
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • Italian

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qualitaetssiegelHotel Ertl Familie Krobath | Bahnhofstrasse 26,  9800 Spittal/Drau

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